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Auburn Home Gets Mitsubishi Heat Pump Installation


Problem: The owners of this cape style home in Auburn, MA were in need of a alternative heating source. With Oil bills on the rise and the wood stove just to much intensive labor, they reached out to American Ductless Heat Pumps. 


Customer Complaints: Sick of cutting wood, Oil Prices fluctuating to much, No AC in my home.


Solution: Install two zones of Mitsubishi Heat Pump that will keep the home reliably comfortable in the cold Winter & Summer at the touch of a button. The whole home will now have efficient HVAC comfort while spending less on oil!

Auburn Ma Mitsubishi Ductless System
Mitsubishi Ductless Installers in Auburn Ma

A Great Investment - Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split in Auburn, MA

This kind of ductless heat pump installation is going to help them with a few things. The family can still use their current oil system to heat, so this ductless install will only supplement their current heating system to make the house completely comfortable. No removal of an old forced hot water oil system was necessary. Most importantly, they have added some of the best air conditioning available on the market, ensuring year-round comfort. HVAC Experts went out to help the homeowner find the right solution for the home.


For this Auburn cape style home, the owners wanted to make sure the bedrooms were comfortable, but the main area where they spent their time needed to be comfortable as well. Their primary concern was to supplement the unstable oil bills. Additionally they got amazing cooling through out the home, something they have lived without for almost 30 years. 

The Ideal Air Conditioning Solution for This Auburn HomE.


This System Received $10000 in REBATES to help cover system costs. That helps make this investment of long term, year-round comfort in their home even more affordable!


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